News/release from raing3:

I changed the name of my IPL dumper yet again to Memory Stick Utility, in this release made the following changes:
- Changed the name of the application again to Memory Stick Utility
- Fixed crash which occured when injecting ms0:/ipl.bin twice in the same session
- Fixed bug extracting unknown IPLs
- Made many other minor alterations
- Rewrote the documentation

I still haven't worked out how to correctly dump all IPLs and correctly detect their size etc. To test this out modify the first byte of the Classic Pandora IPL (so it is not detected by the app) inject the IPL and then try to extract it (as you will see only the first 12KB will be dumped) this is because 12KB - 16KB is blank data this blank data is only a few bytes bigger then the 4KB limit however I do not want to increase the block size as that will mean dumped IPLs will be less accurate. Also I would greatly appreciate any help with detecting the end of the IPL writable memory (like Rains app).

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