A new beta release of Dolphin the Gamecube and Nintendo Wii Emulator for Windows has been released.

Dolphin is a Gamecube emulator. It also has preliminary support for Wii and basic Triforce emulation (this is pending a commit, and does not run games yet).

Gamecube compatibility is about the same (or worse, due to various core changes and lack of subsequent compatibility work) as previous releases.

Wii compatibility is very low. Some games show their intro movies, that's it. There is preliminary Wiimote emulation but it does not work yet.

Heres whats new:

fixed an off by one error I created in the texture copy function in
bpstructs.cpp. SSBM no longer has black on ground. sorry about that ;p
noticed the real HW doesn't clip some things it should. modified the projection
matrix to account for this.
changed normal loader to better handle 1 or 3 index NBT data which fixed an
added missing z component in biasing section of indirect texturing.

Download Here and Leave Feedback and Compatability reports Via Comments