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Thread: Daedalusx64 Version 0.01 A - PSP Alpha Testing - N64 Emu for PSP

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    Quote Originally Posted by $n!pR View Post
    Not holding out much hope for this. That 129FPS is just a bug, when testing M64 there would be lots of games that would do that at random spots in the game.
    Not so much a bug but more just nothing going on in the main loop. Thus the emulator detects this and runs at a faster speed.

    Personaly I know this crap is hard work but I remain a skeptic till I see solid results in a build. I don't mean to be harse but it's just I learned from my own experience it's just best to keep quiet till you actualy have something worth sharing.

    I'm starting to wonder if people will need to consider going that static compiler route to get a solid 30fps in some games (like mario64) and try to learn from emus like corn. Also I think maybe one should look into the idea of treating doubles as floats somehow since any emulation of double instructions is brutal.

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    XD <screams>

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