Davee has released and fixed his CTF Upacker for the PSP:

This will extract the contents of a CTF and repatch the vshmain, paf and common_gui to the original prx state.

In same dir as ctfextractor.exe make a folder called "originals" and place an uncompressed vshmain.prx, paf.prx and common_gui.prx in a subfolder within with the firmware version. eg. originals/500/vshmain.prx ..

Reason for those prx's is so the program can load it and patch it and save it with the changes, like what CXMB does on the PSP.

Usage: Open command prompt and go to the dir containing ctfextractor.exe.
Type: "ctfextractor [ctf-file]" and replace [ctf-file] with the ctf file. It will make a folder with the same name as the CTF and extract it in there.

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