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Thread: FBA lbicelyne 1107 sega V11p3 DEMO - Sega System 16 Emulator for PSP

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    Quote Originally Posted by rojblake12 View Post
    firs of all i want to say tanks a million for this great fba emulators the system 16 emulator was a dream for me
    and i am very happy and grateful now i tested most of the
    games here are some results
    altered beast - playable at 3 or 4 frame skip
    golden axe - playable at 3 or 4 frame skip
    shadow danser - - playable at 4 frame skip (bit slow )
    e-swat - very playable
    alien storm - not working
    wonder boy - not working
    wonder boy 3 playable at 3 or 4 frame skip
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - playable at 4 frame skip (bit slow )
    pitfall II - not working
    shinobi - slow but playable
    Quartet - slow but playable
    Riot City - slow but playable
    and lets not forget it is only a demo
    I am hoping for updates in fba all so i can play my favored games black tiger,legend of makai,wardner,double dragon 1,2,3
    fba rocks
    wich version of e-swat did you use? i tried mame and fba shuffle version and both makes my psp crash. I'm using psp slim with CFW 4.01 M33.

    EDIT: never mind, the bootleg version works, it seems very fast compared to other games!.

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    E-Swat - Cyber Police (bootleg)

    i am using psp fat

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