An Entry in the WinDS coding Competition.


Author: SausageBoy
Download: binary and sources (311 kb)
Comments by Francesco: This is a demo app. It could become a nice color chooser control and has a cool built-on-the-fly icon! Unfortunately, it does absolutely nothing, although it does it very well! .
Comments by LiraNuna: Quite an... Intresting demo! Shows unique features like real-time-rendered icon and using full-screen applications.
Comments by Papero: We have received this entry at the very end of the time. It is only a small graphic effect demo, that changes both screen color while touching the touch screen. I had a lot of headaches to link this applib to others and I needed to partially rewrite it. Not so fun, not so complex, but it's worth a
look for some cool ideas in the source.

Downloads and Screenshots via comments