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Thread: Mana Khemia Schools The PSP In January

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    psp Mana Khemia Schools The PSP In January

    Mana Khemia’s academic quest missions made it feel like a handheld game. You can play Mana Khemia in small bites rather than marathon-like chunks. Someone at Gust must have had the same thought since they ported Mana Khemia to the PSP.

    Mana Khemia: Student Alliance has a meager selection of new features such as a co-op multiplayer mode where you can battle for rare items and a neat technology trick that lets you install a portion of the game on a memory stick to reduce load times. The latter feature may not sell Mana Khemia: Student Alliance to anyone who already bought the PS2 version this year, but if you passed on the console version and frequent public transportation Mana Khemia: Student Alliance might be up your alley. It’s all about price really. If NIS America sells Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for around $20 it should sell OK. Actually, I hope this sells well so Gust and NIS America will be able to team up and release Mana Khemia 2 on the PSP.

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    The Ps2 version of this was alright in my opinion.
    It also got mediocre scores on reviews I've read.

    I guess it could be fun on PSP, and good as a bargain game.

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    I wanted to play it but I only play ps2 on my weekends so there are games that I'd much rather play on it, I wish ar tonelico and more of those low graphics rpgs (great stories mind you) would get ported to the psp, especially atelier iris, that game was the s***

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