Firstly Info about the game

New story inspired by action-packed TV show from the film
Plays as Bolt or Penny
Bolt's special powers: laser vision, super strength, and sonic bark
Penny's abilities & gadgets: computer hacking skills, acrobatics, motorized wheel bar
Play as Rhino on special missions
Five environments set in exciting, international locates: China, Russia, Italy, and more
Defeat the evil Calico and save the world!
Cinematic camera unique for movie-based platforming game

Ka-Woof! Unleash your inner superbark and take on the heroic personas of Bolt and Penny from the high-action television series within the upcoming film, Walt Disney Pictures Bolt. Dig your paws into the cinematic took of the game and experience a mix of intrigue, combat, action and platform-style game play.

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