Flubba has released a new version of SMS Advance the Master System Emulator for the GBA Micro/SP (also works on Nintendo DS and the Gamecube Gameboy Player)

whats new:

Added support for running the GG bios in SMS mode.
Added support for all SMS Bioses.
Added option in builder for "empty" slot at the end of ROMlist. (Loopy).
Added option to lock the 2 toprows in unscaled mode.
Added "Perfect Sprite" option for games like:
Global Gladiators.
GP Rider (GG).
Speedball 2.
Xenon 2.
Added emulation of locking the right side of the screen, games:
Griffin (GG).
Line of Fire.
Megumi Rescue.
Fixed IO port 2, Laser Ghost.
Fixed Monaco GP, SG-1000.
Fixed the support for Jang Pung II (KR).
Fixed priority on zoomed sprites in mode 0 & 2 (Bank Panic, SG-100).

Download Here --> http://gbaemu.dcemu.co.uk/smsadvance.shtml