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Thread: Blobby Volley for PSP

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    psp Blobby Volley for PSP

    News/release from Poustak

    Here are some time this project begins to Moses on my hard disk when I go public.
    A similar project was already released on PSP there are a lot of time. I have completely rewritten the code and can play against an AI. The AI is not very strong but should provide some difficulties for people who have never played on a PC Blobby Volley.
    The images used in the game are taken from 1 draft released on PSP ahead of themselves depot of sourceforge Blobby Volley Official:

    The source code is provided comments and can serve as a starting base.
    I really do not have time to devote to this project, you are free to modify the code and improve it as you like (one way is adhoc welcome and several levels of AI and sound!) .

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    the blue guy must be done smarter

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