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Thread: Terminator Game Announced

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    ps3 Terminator Game Announced

    via IGN

    Today, a videogame adaptation of Terminator Salvation was announced that will launch alongside its silver screen counterpart in May of next year. Titled Terminator Salvation -- The Videogame (who would have thought?), you'll take on the role of John Connor as you fight against the overwhelming and vastly superior forces of Skynet. The game is being developed by GRIN Studios, however the press release makes no mention of what platforms the game will launch on.

    "Terminator Salvation -- The Videogame allows players to battle for survival against Skynet enemies utilizing an incredibly fluid and realistic control set," said President of Halcyon Games Cos Lazouras. "The player will be led through a visceral story with extremely polished production values to create a fully interactive Terminator experience."

    We'll keep you posted when more details come down the line.

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    I still think they should do one based on terminator 2, best one created, the plot would be perfect for a game, with added parts, I luv the way the story feels too, brilliant movie, as for these terminator series, what a joke lol totally ruined it, they better not base the game like that

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