via IGN

Boolat announces Topatoi, one of the first PlayStation 3/PSN projects in Eastern Europe.

Topatoi is a refreshing blend of platformer and puzzle genres, combining the old school impact of the legendary titles like Bubba 'N Stix or The Lost Vikings with original and inventive gameplay mechanics.

The player controls a machine called ATG which works just like a spinning top toy. Basically this is one of the main points of the game. Topatoi is very physics-oriented. ATG should be spinned correctly, since the "spin amount" and thus the overall speed affects device's movement and behavior. Mastering the physics model, you should lead the lead character through multiple stages, filled with obstacles, traditional platforms (it is a platformer game after all), enemies and dozens of puzzles.

Topatoi will be available this Winter through PlayStation Store. More information is available on the official website: