A huge amount of the newer games for DS (Call of Duty: World at War, Bleach: Dark Souls, Skate It, etc. Metal Slug 7, Trauma Center 2, Sonic Chronicles) don't seem to work. (I said SOME, My Japanese Coach, Need for speed Undercover still work perfectly.)

This is what occurs.

-DL & Boot
-"Create .SAV?" ; Yes.
-Game Message: Cannot read save file. Turn off your DS, Reinsert the Cartridge. (Or something like that.)

What I did to troubleshoot:
-Delete .SAV, Re-save.
-Delete Game, Re-DL Game.
-Turned off DS, Reinserted both the Chip and the SD Card, retried.
-Got angry at my DS, threatening not to use it for a set duration.

My friend on the other hand, recently got an R4 (I got mine in July or so) and says that Trauma Center 2 works perfectly on his.

Does anyone know how to fix this?