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Thread: Blabberbot V2

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    Default Blabberbot V2

    Blabberbot V2

    Hi Guys,
    This one should be a lot better to use than the first rather premature release.
    I ended up using Intrafont at the last minute, but cannot seem to get it working
    with the file browser, so the file browser remains in debug text unless I can find a solution.

    Blabberbot V2 runs the speech engine in it's own thread, so control is now very responsive.
    There are buttons assigned to pause, and quit the current text file, and text chunks are
    much smaller as originally intended.

    See the readme for full list of changes.

    Download from Rapidshare:

    Download from Megaupload:

    Cheers, Art.

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    Nice work. I Have been Testing different text to speech programs for pc wondering if anyone would do this. Is there any way possible to be able to add voices or change pitch or speed of voice. That would be cool. Thanks for your work.

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    wow an update already like that

    keep up the good work ...and originality

    cheers to you art

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