This portable gaming beast not only plays games from three classic Nintendo systems, it runs on the power of the sun. Out of the box, the player can handle NES/Famicom, Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles, as long as you can get the ROMs transfered to an SD card. Of course, I won’t tell you how to do that, but that’s what search engines are for, right?

In addition to taking on retro gaming sans batteries, the Mobile Power Station plays popular audio and video files, including MP3, WMA and MP4 (converted to AVI) formats. The compact player features a 3.5 color display, 2GB of built-in memory and an SD slot for up to 2GB more. The jack-of-all-trades can also display or speak E-books, has a voice recorder, and even a built-in LED flashlight. Heck, it’s even got a USB-out connector so you can use the solar panels to charge other devices.

So what are you waiting for? You can grab one yours gadget importer Chinavasion for about $123 USD.

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