News from Lik Sang

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Biohazard Deadly Silence brings the bloody, horrific, and now classic tale of Spencer Mansion to the NDS. Classic Mode lets you experience the original game without any changes, right down to the cut scenes and the 'so bad it's good' voice acting (fancy a jibble sandwich anyone?). Rebirth Mode on the other hand features a slew of changes, starting with improved controls, including Biohazard 3's 180 degree turn, and both the knife button and quick reload from Biohazard 4. The top screen displays a map, ammo and health meter, and there's also new traps, battles and puzzles, many of which make use of the touch screen. Certain parts of the game will also switch to first person mode and wielding your knife with the stylus, you can slice and dice your way through rotting zombie flesh. At other times you can use it to wipe blood off the screen, or blow into the microphone to perform CPR on an unfortunate teammate.

Characters have been both re-modeled and re-animated, and confirmed guests of the Mansion include Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Wesker. Not to be out-done, the zombies are upgraded too, being not only smarter, and not only chasing you from room to room, but in greater numbers also! All this alone would make for a spectacular remake, but no, Capcom always has to go that extra mile. Through a full on four player Wi-Fi mode, there's both co-op and competitive games to play, the later being a race to kill the most monsters! In stock now, the Spencer Mansion is once again ready for dinner, erm, visitors.