Capcom's Mega Man X Collection offers a total of seven Mega Man games with remixed soundtracks. If you're a fan of the series, you've probably already picked up a copy of the game. If not, here's what the reviews have to say:

Gamespot 72% - "Mega Man X Collection isn't nearly the resounding success that Capcom's first Mega Man compilation was, but it's far from a failure. Any fan of the Mega Man X series that doesn't already own all these games in some form or another ought to give this collection a try."
Gamespy 80% - "...The low $30 price tag makes it a worthy purchase if you're looking for a retro game fix. It's a shame that there aren't as many games on this compilation as there were on the Anniversary Collection (Mega Man Soccer really should've been included), but you're still getting some fun games ([except], of course, Mega Man X6)."
IGN 70% - "Because the emulation here is so adept, the gameplay remains unchanged. In fact, in some cases it's slightly improved as the slowdown found in the older cart versions has either gone away or been significantly enhanced."
At the time of writing, the GameCube version had a slightly higher average ratio of 77% compared with the PS2's 72%.