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    NDS Keris Project

    News via Nintendomax

    Another game on DS is being developed by students of the school computer EPITECH, it is a Shoot Em Up on behalf of "Keris Project".

    Maniac Shooter vertical scrolling for Nintendo DS, which has inspired the biggest names in the genre (DoDonPachi, Mars Matrix, ...).
    The spécificitées innovative console, use double-screen and touch technology allows us to renew the genre.


    In the calendar years 1421 Jurien, in tribute to the people who ended
    the Apocalypse, the people of Kreog not satisfied little more of its resources and
    decided to put the control over the reserves of neighboring peoples, the hunting partner
    their planet. Soon enough to exhaust the resources of new and
    acquired, which was intended to introduce them in a conquest of the rich worlds
    populating the universe.
    Their modus operandi is redundant: the top of their technological superiority,
    they contaminate the first time in the world's resources target of an evil whose
    alone hold the cure, and then dominate the peoples and left in a state of
    weakness for submission to the role forced collectors resources.
    Having had echoes of these events, our valiant people of the planet has Keris
    decided to react by creating the Keris Project with the aim of issuing such
    oppressed peoples: three vessels to concentrate robust technology.
    But destiny decided otherwise, and today, we invade Kreog
    while the Keris Project is still in prototype.
    Come what may, defend our planet and deliver the universe!

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Nice graphics, gameplay seems a little bit limited to me, but it's fun anyway.
    My only complaint is that you have to copy all the game files to the root of your SD, the game consists of 21 files.

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