Hello everybody.

Long time no talk. Here are the latest news of the project.

Thomas Bertani has left the project. Thomas, one of the founders of the project has left it in favour of the SHR. Well, Thomas , good luck

There is a Neo meeting in Milan(Italy) in december. It's very probable to find there me and Federico Bombelli.

Fred has had a wonderful idea. What about a CD with installer for the telefoninux?

Now let's talk about the most interesting part. The roadmap. The goal is to arrive to a version 0.1 that is almost suitable for daily use. Here are the steps for us to perform.
Version 0.01 A slimmer debian with some unuseful locales removed and no docs.
It will contain no X server, only base system and dropbear. The release will be a tar.gz to install on SD. It's easy to achieve and i think we'd be able to release it very soon.
Version 0.02 E17 svn packages compiled for the arm920t.(that means illume)
Version 0.03 Phone suite based on openmoko framework (Zhone? SHR?)
Version 0.04 Various improvements and bugfixes. Last "debian"
Versions 0.05-0.09 Intermediate versions. Completely recompiled systems. Opening telefoninux repo
Version 0.1 A complete system, binary compatible with debian.. You will be able to install it on the rootfs.