sgstair posted this update

Well um, I should probably let people know how things are going again - so nobody gets the crazy idea that I'm abandoning the project or something like that. Anyway, the lib test app has been updated recently ( [wifi_lib_test.nds] ) - ICMP has been implemented to the point that you can ping the DS. Granted that's not entirely useful, but... whatever.... I'm continuing to work on bashing the other bits into shape, and I'm hoping to have a new release soon. The new release will be a bit different than the current release, a lot is changing, and it'll be much nicer for release 0.3. So, I've not given up yet... still working on it. Also, to clarify, Yes, I have completed the requirements for the remainder of the bounty, and have received the payment. Many thanks to all who contributed towards making this a reality!