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Thread: New Nintendo Wii board with no drivechip

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    Rev New Nintendo Wii board with no drivechip

    It seems there is a new motherboard for the Nintendo Wii. Whats different is that there is no more drivechip. No drivechip means you can not add a modchip. Here is a translation from CNGBA...

    In December 2008 the first major Wii platform, which is available in the market the latest version of the Wii console has been great changes have taken place in-house. The original D2x with the master chip at the bottom of the D1A into one chip, into a GC2-D3! This means that all direct-reading all the chips can not be directly used in the new version of the Wii console on. Hackers have also re-examine the GC2-D3-chip pin definitions, and then modify targeted direct reading of the bridge chip approach.

    We speculated that the new version of the Wii is currently using only soft approach to achieve the break to read CD-ROM version of the D (soft-crack on the situation to see Players Network will continue to be concerned about the new version of Wii-related, please pay close attention to the player-player Wii channel network.

    Source: CNGBA

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