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Capcom is apparently not without a sense of humor. They've decided to get really creative with the DS' touchpad feature in their upcoming title Resident Evil : Deadly Silence (DS... get it?). Here are some videos of what happens when you get frisky with that stylus.

When you rub Jill Valentine's breastular region (mpg), she covers her chest in shame, making you feel like a complete pervert. And if you tap Chris Redfield's bottom (mpg), he purrs like a kitten... actually he doesn't. He just smacks you away, trying to play it off... but inside, a little piece of him dies every time you do it. As soon as you turn the game off, he curls into a fetal position and cries himself to sleep, thinking happy thoughts...

Are you happy Nintendo? Touching isn't always good!

How long before a NintenWoman comes out :P