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Experience layered, primal storylines based on the legendary tale re-imagined
Dedicate deeds to the gods to win their favor. Their powers shape your future and the fate of the world itself
Fight alongside Hercules, Achilles and Pan with other fable heroes, each gifted with their own extraordinary powers
Travel to unique island environments filled with strange and wondrous denizens
Battle awesome mythological foes and gargantuan monsters
Develop and upgrade multiple weapons and specialized killing techniques
Unleash deadly force with finishing moves, parries, team combos and more
Revolutionary dialogue system dictates choice, upgrades and story with unprecedented speed and depth
Breaktrough real-time combat system with dynamic animations and visual damage modeling
Visual character leveling and inventory management in real time

In Rise of the Argonauts you take on the role of Jason, King of Iolcus and powerful, battle-hardened warrior. As the story begins you have everything - a prosperous kingdom, the respect of your citizens and the love of Alceme, your beautiful bride to be. This charmed existence ends when Alceme is killed by an assassin s arrow on your wedding day.

Overcome with grief you vow to do anything to restore her. You hear of the Legendary Golden Fleece, on the lost Isle of Tartarus, which is said to bring the dead back to life. In order reunite with your beloved you must now prepare for the greatest voyage of all.