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Thread: Interesting code thread in update file

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    Default Interesting code thread in update file

    I got bored so I skimmed the contents of the 2.00 EBOOT through a hex editor and found this string starting at offset 13039 and ending at offset 13284:

    2 IZ;X    IENDB`~PSP   updater                     Pv5  w5 D  ^ _ @ @         e         e @@#                                    O!6ˣ:iCpHA*IWv)Pv5 
    This may not look odd here, but on opening the 2.00 update yourself, you will find that this piece of code sticks out from the rest of jumbled up letters and characters because of the words "PSP Updater" sitting right there, the parentheses enclosing part of it, the repeating mini-string of "Pv5", and the many spaces. This part of code is nowhere near the other info from the PARAM.SFO file inside the PBP. What makes it even weirder is that similar, but not exactly the same code strings appear in other updates.

    Possibly the Sony signature?
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    Not even close. The occurance of parenthesis is coincidence. Have you ever looked at any binary file? Most look like that. May-haps you should spend less time coming up with findings like this, and more time in your studies at school (where an overwhelming amount of these ideas seem to come from.)

    I would also find the appearance of human readable string data within the Sony sig to be an amazing coincidence as well. The fact that such data would not only be readable, but contextually accurate would be so infinitely tiny that they would likely have to start signing programs at the beginning of the universe, at a rate of 1 trillion applications per second, non-stop, until the present day/time, at which point, they *might* produce one such sig.

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