Chrono Archangel posted this news:

Our buddy Spacy has updated his version of the popular VisualBoy Advance emulator. Here's what he had to say about this release :

Lately, I have been in the "mood" for coding, so I continued with VBA, anyway I dumped some crazy changes I made a while ago, because I totaly messes up the app back then xD

Now to the interesting part. pokemonhacker made some changes to the CVS code, and these come ON TOP of beta 3, so it is newer than that. I described those changes in the change log.

Remeber, this is a WIP (Work-In-Progress) Version, not a a stable one. Tell me, if you find some easy bugs in the application (that do not cover emulation itself xD)

Here are the changes in this WIP :
Switching the menu bar does not take ages in D3D full screen
Applied official CVS changes from January 19, 2006
- GB: fixed initial values for registers (tested on hardware)
- GB: added bugs on purpose that exist in hardware
- GB: added 'genericflashcard' option
- GB: added gbDrawLine()
- GB: fixed GB cheats compare code
- miscellaneous fixes
Code cleanup
Updated Minizip component to version 1.01e
New color themes only get applied if not in GBC/SGB mode

Download this GBA Emulator for Windows via the comments