Psix PDR (PSP Developer Resources)
Through the process of psix's conception, realisation and progression, it became clear to me that there was little in the way of development support, due to the closed doors on psp development as far as sony were concerned.
The site is now known the world over for it's assistance to developers in that of the development of the PSP SDK and various other tools, libraries and resources.
It is with this in mind that i start the PDR project, basically with my share of psix sales (35%), all of it will go back into the psp community, in the form of books, software and when needed, hardware.
How much i end up with, to put back into the psp community is anyones guess, however i will do my best to provide resources to as many developers as possible.

Applications for resources will start to be accepted via this page starting from Feb 6th, you may however contact me right now, if you have any ideas or assistance for this project, be it book recommendations or advice.

- Fluff

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