We've found a lot of holiday-related reasons to get nostalgic over the past few days, but a recent announcement from PlayStation.Blog provided us with our latest excuse to sprint down memory lane. We imagine it will do the same for you as well -- didn't everyone spend a summer at their grandmother's retirement home, playing intense, high-stakes rounds of Mahjong, wagering tubes of Fixodent and coupons for Ponderosa? No? Just us?

You'll be able to recreate the experience this January when Majong Tales: Ancient Wisdom hits the PSN, available for any discerning tile-matcher with $9.99 to spare. The subtitular "Ancient Wisdom" will be delivered in the form of five Chinese morality tales, each of which broken into ten cutscenes which are shown between rounds of Mahjong. We acquired our own "Ancient Wisdom" during that steamy summer at the Quivering Oaks Retirement Community -- octogenarians won't think twice about cheating when free denture paste is on the line.