via Eurogamer

Sony's Pulse video show reckons PAIN has been the most downloaded PlayStation Network game this year.

The physics-based hurl-an-avatar-into-things-for-points title was released in March, and has benefited from extra levels and Trophy support over the subsequent months.

Even David Hasselhoff hopped on board, re-recording Culture Club and perhaps slopping a cheeseburger on the floor in the process.

High Velocity Bowling managed to take second, according to the list on PS3 Fanboy, followed by Super Stardust HD and the excellent PixelJunk Monsters. FlOw eased into fourth, tailed by Warhawk at five and Aquatopia at six.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection kicked up a fuss at seven, beating High Stakes Poker at nine and Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty at 10.

But where is WipEout HD? The game Sony Europe told us (on Friday, in a statement about the Trial version) was the "fastest-selling" PSN game to date and the "top seller" for the whole of November?

The WipEout HD trial will go live from 24th December, which is when we will be doing our Christmas shopping.