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Thread: Second hand disk broken ??

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    Default Second hand disk broken ??


    I bought a second-hand game as a gift for my nephew. The case itself looked fine but on inspecting the disk it was quite dirty(fingerprints). Google suggested turning the disk manually by the metal circle at the centre of the disk and wiping each section with a lint-free cloth as it passed the window. This worked fine but in doing so I noticed that the metal circle moves independently of the plastic optical disk itself and also the seam at the top of the disk casing comes apart slightly. The seam doesn't worry me, a spot of superglue will fix that if necessary but I'm wondering if the metal part moving independently means the disk is unplayable ? The google suggestion lead me to believe that the metal circle was fixed to the optical disk itself but it was actually my finger touching the inner edge of the disk that was causing it to turn and not the turning of the metal part. So basically I believe that if the UMD drive grips the optical disk in the same way as a DVD/CD drive i.e by gripping the inner edge of the disk then this disk should be fine. If, on the other hand the drive just grips the metal part and expects this to be fixed to the optical disk proper then my disk will clearly not work. So does anyone know for certain, or could you even try this with a known working disk (you can turn the disk with your finger on the metal part and see if the disk turns independently of the metal part by noting the position of any mark on the metal part relative to the serial number on the edge of the optical disk) unfortunately I don't have access to a PSP to test this disk.



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