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Thread: Orlando Sentinel: Blu-Ray is a Needless Expense

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    ps3 Orlando Sentinel: Blu-Ray is a Needless Expense

    The Orlando Sentinel took at look at the now years-old tech of Blu-ray players, trying to determine whether it's worth investing in a new player. Their conclusion: Yes and no.

    The articles author seems to think that the Blu-ray could eventually come into its own if you are able to use it for more than just playing Blu-ray movies. That means added functions, or a Playstation 3.

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    Interesting... Players that do more than just play movies...

    Why is it that these authors write total $#@!. Did CD players or DVD players ever "do more" than their intended purpose? No. This why game consoles have been popular as All-In-One units.

    So why is Blu-ray knocked down for being among MANY technologies surrounding Optical Discs, that does just what all of its predecessors has done with STANDALONE players?

    Did VHS tapes or Record Players ever "do more" than play videos and music respectively? Talk about being hypocritical... Hold Blu-ray up to a standard that has never, ever been subjected to the technology that has come before it...

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