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Thread: DS81 v1.3 - Zx81 Emulator for Nintendo DS Released

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    NDS DS81 v1.3 - Zx81 Emulator for Nintendo DS Released

    Noddybox has posted a new release of his great ZX81 emulator for the Nintendo DS:

    Well, that was a slightly longer than anticipated hiatus. Still, give it a good few days at Christmas and out pops a new version.

    This fixes a few bugs, and invariably adds a few of its own. The main new feature is that a snapshot can be saved (and one even automatically loaded when DS81 runs).

    Enjoy at the DS81 page.

    Now that DS81 feels reasonably complete it may be time to start a VIC-20 emulation. Portable Pharaoh's Curse would rather please me...

    More Info

    If you'd have told me 25 years ago that I'd be playing 3D Monster Maze on the bus on a device powered by batteries, I'd have said you were mad...

    DS81 is a basic emulation of the Sinclair ZX81. It only supports text modes games (basically anything that uses the bog-standard ZX81 display file for the technically minded), so hi-res games will not work. This is being worked on.

    It includes a few games to try out. Note that I did not write these games, or own the copyright to them. They are included in good faith (as far as I know the authors do not mind this work being distributed), and if any of them want their work removing I'll gladly oblige:

    ZX81 ROM © 1981 Nine Tiles Networks Ltd
    Mazogs © 1981 Don Priestley
    City Patrol © 1982 Don Priestley
    Sabotage © 1982 Don Priestley
    3D Monster Maze © 1983 Malcom E. Evans

    DS81 also supports the loading of external files from a FAT formatted device. To do this the internal FAT routines of libnds are used, so if you're device isn't supported then I'm afraid you're stuck with the built-in games. Don't worry, you're not alone -- I wrote the damn thing and can't use external files on my flash device!

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Aun recuerdo cuando estudiaba, quería comprar la primer microcomputadora por 100.00 dolares, si la timex sinclair.
    Ahaaaaaaaaa, viejos tiempos, aun tengo mi vieja sinclair 1000

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    Thank you for this, and good luck with your Vic20 emulator!

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    First time i saw this emulator and it looks great :-)


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    Default Great Emulator


    Great work! Now I can carry all my ZX81 games in my pocket. Better! With this new version (with a SAVE function) I will be able to modify my programs on the go. Thanks Ian.

    By the way my new program "CANNON WAR" for the ZX81-TS1000/1500 will be released (if all goes well) next week.

    Have a look at the ad made with and only a ZX81!

    Have fun will travel, ANDRE***
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