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Thread: iR Shell v4.8 for Custom Firmware 5.02GEN-A

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    psp iR Shell v4.8 for Custom Firmware 5.02GEN-A

    Miriam and co have released a version of iR Shell v4.8 for Custom Firmware 5.02GEN-A, this version has been hex edited to work on the new custom firmware, so its not 100% compatible, they claim its 90% so not far off eh :P

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    as sysop of and discussing it with the owner / super admin, F34R, here is our response for the moment

    Quote Originally Posted by
    iR Shell support for 5.02GEN-A

    Written by F34R
    Friday, 02 January 2009 00:00

    It has come to my attention that there has been an unofficial release of iR Shell v4.8 that has been edited to work with 5.02GEN-A custom firmware.

    At this time, will not be supporting this release of iR Shell v4.8 until further notice. Once a final determination has been reached by myself and the rest of the staff, we will update our members.

    Please be patient with our decisions. There are considerations being discussed while making this decision.

    Thank you for visiting and enjoy the forums.

    ~ F34R - Owner/Admin
    due to the timing, and total disregard to the many wonderful people who work hard on this project, this is where we stand at this moment

    once we have the time to discuss this with our staff, and get ahman's opinion we might review the situation

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    Just a small update from here.

    While the discussion continues among the staff, I've decided to open the forums for all iR Shell users, regardless of the firmware they are using. Just be aware that the GEN-A firmware is not widely used by the tech support staff here so please be as detialed as possible when describing the problems you are having with iR Shell. The more information on the firmware version, iR Shell version, and the problem you are having, the more likely that we'll be able to help resolve the issues you're having.

    F34R - Owner/Admin
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