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Thread: EZ Flash 3 in 1/Cyclods evolution/snezzids problem(s)

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    Default EZ Flash 3 in 1/Cyclods evolution/snezzids problem(s)

    I know that the answer(s) to my question(s) probably exist somewhere, and I'd probably find them if I read the entire internet.

    However, I've been googling around like mad for a while now, and I've yet to find a solution.

    I'm having a couple problems.

    First of all, I'm having a hell of a time getting snezzids to work for me.

    I'm using cyclods evolution (firmware version 1.51) with the ez-flash 3 in 1 V, and snezzids version 25a.

    I followed the steps for this found on a few different forums.

    I downloaded both gbaexploader (v .58 I think) and softreset (v 1.1) and installed them on the root of my microsd card.

    I took some known good roms and patched them from a command line using snezzi.exe, which would produce a file saying something like xxxx.smc.gba.

    I took those patched roms and put them in the root of my microsd card.

    When I try to launch any rom from gbaexploader in psram mode, both the top and bottom screens go white and remain that way forever.

    If I remember correctly, if I try to launch them from nor mode, the old gameboy advance start screen pops up for a minute, then it stops. No game ever loads.

    That's problem number one...Cannot get snezzi to work no matter what I do.

    And as an aside...Ok, supposedly, you have snezzi (for the gba) and then snezzids (for the nds).

    Am I correct in thinking that the ds version also requires a slot 2 solution to work?

    That's how I've been trying to use it, and I'm using the version that's supposedly for the ds.

    However, what I don't get is, if it requires a slot 2 solution...What is it that makes it snezzi "ds"? I mean, couldn't you run the one meant for the advance from a slot 2 card anyway? What's the difference?

    I don't know how you'd even try to use snezzids without a slot 2 card, since there's no snezzi.nds file...No file loader. My understanding is you're just supposed to patch the roms with snezzi.exe, then launch them with gbaexploader/other similar tool.

    So that's problem number one.

    Problem number two is less significant but vexing.

    When I first installed gbaexploader, there were only two menus: one for psram mode, and one for nor mode. There was no third screen for setting rumble strength/ram expansion/etc regardless of how many times I hit the R button.

    But once I put softreset (v 1.1)on the root of the card, the third screen that lets you set rumble strength, etc magically appeared.

    But whenever I try to set the rumble strength or anything, and it tries to soft reset, the soft reset hangs.

    Furthermore, I think it also messes up my microsd card, as I ran chkdsk on it after the hang and it found some file system errors.

    Anyone know what this is about or how to fix it, or if my settings for rumble and what not are remembered even if it hangs after I select them?

    I apologize if I left out any details necessary to getting this figured out. I'm been messing with this for a while, and I'm really frustrated and I'm not thinking very well at the moment.

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks a lot for anyone's help in advance.

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    SnezziDS does indeed require a slot-2 device, but it runs in DS mode, meaning it has the DS's higher processing power and larger amount of RAM to work with. In other words, the emulator functions better because of the increased horsepower. Plus you get a larger screen and sound support. The problem is that it's designed to execute directly from the slot-2 device, which is why it won't run from slot-1. Most older homebrew applications did this as well, as the concept of a slot-1 device hadn't even been thought of yet. This is why your output file is named *.gba - it's a DS binary, but most flash carts at the time required the file to end in *.gba in order to flash the file to the cart. SnezziDS v0.28a (available from outputs files that end in *.nds but they still require a slot-2 device to run.

    Try flashing to NOR and then using the CycloDS Evo's built-in NoPass functionality to boot the 3in1 in DS mode.

    (I think you're the same guy from the recent GBAtemp topic but I felt like replying here as well)

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