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Thread: PSPDebug 0.6(GUI for PSPLink 3.0){UPD:05.01.08}

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    psp PSPDebug 0.6(GUI for PSPLink 3.0){UPD:05.01.08}

    A release for PSP developers only:

    Latest update from 05.01.08.

    Now you can step through the process.
    Only problem is that you now can not use pspsh while running PSPDebug because the breakpointlistener uses a timer to connect and check for updates.
    Added a menu.
    "Projectfiles" improved for faster loading.
    Some visual improvements inside the assemblerwindow.
    Some bugfixes ...
    New feature called "Debug project" added that allows you to check the processflow(by displaying your source) of your program.
    You can set breakpoints, step over lines and check every change on your psp.
    It also outputs some errorinformation.
    Variables can't be watched for now.
    Check Makefile of the example, if you want to debug your own project.
    (debugging settings need to be set with "CFLAGS = -g -O0", thx to "jbit" for helping me to find that out)

    I decided to develop a little graphical userinterface for the tool called "PSPLink".
    PSPLink was created by TyRaNiD,Julian T,Rasmus B and John_K and allows you to view memory and processinformation.
    Because of the fact that this tool is useful, but not very userfriendly without any interface i will create this little program wich should help some people out there.
    (for reversing parts of programs,creating trainers,plugins or other things ...)
    At the moment you can't really debug things ... just analyse.
    You can set breakpoints, but at the moment the program does not stop at that location.
    (Only the PSP stops at those locations and your PSP may stop, so be careful with testing this ... but you can still use pspssh as usual)

    I added some additional files that are not done by me.
    This includes:
    -driver folder
    -sprite-example was from pspsdk and was slightly modified(mainly the Makefile)

    Just added them incase somebody does not want to compile the whole toolchain.
    The source can ofcourse be requested.
    At the moment its only build for windows systems.

    Quick info:
    Use "Break" in threadwindow to stop the selected thread (will stop on address in debugwindow).
    Use F2 to set breakpoints in debugwindow.
    Use F9 for continue a process in the debugwindow.
    Use F8 to step over commands in the debugwindow.
    Use F7 to stop into commands in the debugwindow.
    Doubleclick a line that has an offset to jump to that offset.


    Download base-version:
    Newest update:

    You may also need to install:
    On your PSP, incase you do not already have it installed.
    Seplugin-files only:

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    Am I the only one that think that a release like this is great? Ok, I don't develop for PSP (not enough free time for it), but is a great incentive to start.

    At least I am going to download it and give my congratulation to the developer(s).

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