News/release from yohanes via wiibrew

This is an Apple II emulator for the Wii based on the AppleWin/LinApple. You must have a USB keyboard to be able to use this application.


F1 for help
F2 to start emulation (restart apple IIe)
F3/F4 to change disk image
F9 to change color scheme
F10 to exit emulation (or use the home button on Wiimote)
January 6, 2009 (0.0.5)
- Support Gamecube controller (Wiimote support is planned for next version)
- updated some bug in keyboard handling

January 7, 2009 (0.0.6)
- Increased gamecube joystick sensitivity
- Fixed (most) crashing issue

January 8, 2009 (0.0.7)
- Support Wiimote as Joystick (Press A button in Gamecube controller to switch to gamecube joypad)

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