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Moscas user of our forum, updates its Goblins PSP version
For those who do not know, this program will enable you to perform backups of the data on your memory stick, load and / or delete your backup UMD, launch programs like the RemoteJoy and USBIsolader and update your Custom Firmware.
Following the complete changelog for this new version

Changelog v1.4.2.2:


Changelog v1.4.2.2

-Fixed the path of work RemoteJoy
-Fixed the path of work dell'USBIsoLoader
-Saving the position of the window of the main menu
-Added the time of updating the lists of CustomFirmware (each time you download the list of CF in it contains the date of creation of that file)
-Improved management of the list of CustomFirmware
-Improved the import of lists of CustomFimrware
-Confirmation by the end of the program

Moscas recalls that lists CF must constantly be discharged because they are managed separately from updates to the program and even if the program is not updated, the new CF can be managed simply by downloading the new list.

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