I've decided to make somewhere where you can upload all your backrounds, download some for yourself and find links for plenty more.

How to use them:

You need:
  • a memory stick: to store the backrounds
  • a PSP: to use the backrounds
  • firmware 2.00 or higher
  • atleast a little bit of skill using the psp: eg. pushing buttons
  • some computer skills: eg. transfering the images to the psp memory stick

  1. Download the Image
  2. transfer it to your PSP, put it in the PSP>PHOTO folder
  3. go to the home menu on your psp, then to the photo menu
  4. select the image and press X
  5. once the image is on the screen press the triangle button
  6. select "set as wallpaper" and press X
  7. select yes and press yes
  8. when "save complete" appeares on the screenpress circle
  9. the image should now be your wallpaper (if not see the bottom of this)

How to download them
Unless there is a link to download the wallpaper you want to use you'll have to download it manually, and it's really simple, here's how:
  • right click on the image
  • click on "save image as"
  • browse to the PSP>PHOTO folder on your memory stick
  • click save and your done!

Links to Wallpapers


There's probably lots more but i haven't bothered googling it.

"Sorry, i haven't leaarn't exactly how to insert images yet.
Really sorry"