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Thread: Ultimate VSH Menu v1.01 - Added "RECOVERY MENU"

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    psp Ultimate VSH Menu v1.01 - Added "RECOVERY MENU"

    News/release from Total_noob

    Hi guys!
    I have now made possible, load the recovery menu, make screenshots and change VSH Menu colors

    Changelog v1.01
    - Fixed much bugs
    - Ultimate VSH Menu is now much more stable
    - Don't activated VSH Menu in OSK
    - If "ms0:/PSP/GAME/VSHMENU/EBOOT.PBP" does not exist, it will not loaded
    - changed much in the menu
    - Added a small function to disable M33 VSH Menu
    - Added "SCREENSHOT" to make screenshots("R" + "NOTE")
    - Added "VSH MENU COLOR" to change the color(BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, RED)
    - Added "RECOVERY MENU" to load the recovery menu
    - You can press "SELECT" in recovery to exit

    NOTES: Sorry, but I will add the "LOAD IRSHELL" function in "VSH iRSHell"

    More in readme

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    thnx keep up the good work.

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    loller post ever
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    where do you put this in the psp?
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