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Thread: Molyneux nominates LittleBigPlanet as most creative innovation of '08

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    ps3 Molyneux nominates LittleBigPlanet as most creative innovation of '08

    via Games Industry

    Peter Molyneux, head of Microsoft's Lionhead studio, has nominated Sony's LittleBigPlanet as the most important creative innovation of 2008, in C&binet's review of the creative economy in 2008.

    C&binet – the Creative and Business International Network – is a forum for business and creative leaders to come together, and includes Microsoft's J Allard, Channel 4's Andy Duncan and Spencer Hyman of among its ambassadors.

    "LittleBigPlanet has outstanding creative vision. It’s from a British start-up studio and is one of the defining titles on Japan's Sony PS3," said Molyneux.

    The title was developed by Media Molecule, a team established by former Lionhead staff, and released in November last year. Sony recently announced LittleBigPlanet has sold 1.3 million units since release.

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    yea i'd by that

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    be quiet Molenyx - just hurry up and bring us another genius strategy game on the PS3

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