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    Hi I'm a N00b who seriously doesn't know what's going on. I new to this "Hombrew" Stuff and I'm trying to play PSX games on my PC. I've already put in the BIOS the plugins and the Zlib thingy. So I downloaded an ISO from emu paradise "Meta Gear Solid" Disc 1. So, I take the ISO and try to extract it to a folder. But it say something about missing a volume! I neeed help! Any advice will be highly appreciated.:thumbup:

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    My advice is to post in the proper forum. This is a PS2 forum, not a "emulate PS1 on PC" forum. My further advice is to click the search button at the top and read some old threads before posting as there are probably dozens to hundreds of threads on the topic. Your question is the kind that irritates people as it shows you haven't bothered to look for any info yourself. So do a little legwork and you'll avoid getting flamed for being a noob.

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    Did you download all the parts for it?

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