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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Dated in Japan

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    ps3 Final Fantasy XIII Demo Dated in Japan

    via IGN

    Square Enix started off the week over in Japan with the announcement of a final release date for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. The Blu-ray version of the FFVII CG afterstory will hit Japan on April 16, priced at 4,900 yen (about $54).

    PS3 owners throughout the world are likely keeping an eye on this product due to the planned inclusion of a Final Fantasy XIII demo. The demo will be available in two versions of the Advent Children package.

    For the serious collectors, there's the Cloud Black 160 GB Special Spec + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set. This bundle includes Advent Children, a 160 gigabyte PS3, and a copy of the FFXIII demo. The included hardware is black and features a special Cloud logo. Pricing for the bundle is set at 49,980 yen (about $548). In Japan, the 80 gigabyte PS3 currently retails for 39,980 yen.

    Those who just want to get their hands on the FFXIII demo can pick up the Final Fantasy XIII Trial Verion Set. Priced at 5,900 yen (about $65), this special package included Advent Children and the FFXIII demo.

    Square Enix hasn't made official comment, but it's presumable that the demo will work on PS3 systems throughout the world. While the exact content of the demo hasn't been announced, Square Enix reps previously commented that an early section of the game would be playable. The demo will presumably be Japanese only so those who do import should get their Japanese dictionary apps ready.

    As a bonus, the Advent Children disc will include an option for English voice overs so when you're done with the FFXIII demo, you'll get to watch Advent Children in English. Subtitles for the movie will be Japanese only.

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    nice want it will the movie work in the usa models of the ps3? cuss i thought usa and japan were region 1!?

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    normally japan is the same region as europe (region 2)

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