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Thread: PSXChecker v1.0 Released: Diagnostic Tools for your PSP

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    Default PSXChecker v1.0 Released: Diagnostic Tools for your PSP

    News via psphacks

    Contrary to the name, PSXChecker is not what you may think… It’s in no way used for PSX/PSOne-emulated games. Xager’s PSXChecker is actually a homebrew app for testing and diagnosing certain system routines of your handheld — make sure the buttons are in working order, test the left and right audio channels, and look for, even maybe repairing, stuck pixels.


    Graphical menu, not likely but still possible.
    Change sound to “left channel, right channel”
    More tests?
    Possibility to test a second joystick?
    Fullscreen TV-out, will look into it for 1.1

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    This is exactly what I need. No joke, I just put a new screen on a rather beat up psp and I'd like to figure out what all is wrong with it. So far I've found out the UMD drive doesn't read disks and the analog stick is a little weird.

    Let's see what this can find.

    Well, the analog stick has the red circle around it, showing that it's not in place like it should. I took it apart, put the screws in a little tighter and looser in some areas and I run it again and it says it's fine (for now). Neat program. Didn't try the pixel part though, might try that for my other PSP.
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