Heres an entry in the Winter 2008 Drunken Coders Coding Comp

Submitted by: mntorankusu
This is a game about a stick-man, who, like most other stick-people, likes to run from the start of levels to the end of levels.

But, in a daring twist, some weird, mostly-harmless creatures have stolen the christmas music! It's actually only one christmas song, because I ran out of time. But still. Get the music back from them!
On the sideways Wiimote, press 2 to jump, hold 1 to run. Press 1 while walking to do a rolling dash attack. Hold down to duck, press left or right while ducking to crawl. Crawling and Rolling both allow you through small gaps. Press Plus+Minus at any time to exit. This game is also compatible with a Gamecube controller. 2=A, 1=B, Plus=Start, Minus=Z.

Special Instructions:
Jump on enemies or roll into them to kill them. Press up while standing near a Gift Box (this is picky about where you stand, don't stand right on top of it) to open it, and regain 1 bar of health.

Collect all 11 music notes in a level to earn a Golden Note badge for completion. Also, hear a nice tune if you collect them all!

If you have a widescreen TV, open savedata.elg in notepad (or anything) and change "widescreen='0'" to "widescreen='1'" There may be more graphical glitches when running in widescreen mode, but you should have an easier time playing as there's a larger view field.

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