Square Enix is giving Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time a big push over in Japan with a commercial campaign featuring a couple of big names. The company unveiled the game's commercials today, revealing an image song by singer Aiko and a couple of enthusiastic performances by actress Airi Taira.

You can see long versions of the commercials at the official Echoes of Time website. Select the "Trailer & Music" header. We've also included a few still shots from the commercials in the media section below.

For those who simply must know, the image song, by Aiko, is titled "Nageki no Kiss," which roughly translates to Distressed Kiss. Aiko is, of course, no stranger to Crystal Chronicles, having previously lent her talents to the commercial campaign for Ring of Fates.

Echoes of Time hits the Wii and DS in Japan on the 29th. The Wii version will include footage of the long lost Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers.