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Thread: Magic: The Life Counter

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    psp Magic: The Life Counter

    News/release from Dragula96

    dragula96 and Team Vortex are Happy to intruduce: Magic: The Life Counter , a utillity tool to help keep track of life for up to 4 players while playing Magic: The Gathering* Trading Card Game.

    Read Me file:
    Magic:The Life Counter version 1.0
    By Dragula96 & stifpsp(Team Vortex)
    January 23,2009 -Relase Date


    This is an application to keep track of the Life Points of up to 4 players
    for people that like to play Magic:The Gathering.


    UP/DOWN: player 1
    TRIANGLE/CROSS: player 2
    LEFT/RIGHT: player 3
    SQUARE/CIRCLE: player 4
    SELECT:Reset life points

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Hi there,
    This looks very promissing, but I think there is something wrong with the rar-file. Is it possible to post this again? Thank you.

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