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Thread: PSP: fx_powerspoof plugin

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    psp PSP: fx_powerspoof plugin

    Yeah yeah, fx prefix, just happened to be the name of the folder, because powerspoof was taken in my archives of source(tried making it a while back and failed).

    I somehow misplaced my battery and needed to install a game patch, so I cooked this up, and installed some patch without a battery, that normally requires like 75% battery, which is 100% pointless. It even unloads itself after patching the functions.

    Quite simple, just stick it in seplugins, than add it to your game.txt and/or vsh.txt, then watch your system settings always think you have a battery at 100%, when it reality, you (probably) do not.

    The main use for this is those games that install updates sony-style, and require 75% or so battery, when that is totally unnecessary and a waste of your time, because if you run out of battery - oh well, start over, nothing harmed, as it does not flash a thing.

    How NOT to use:
    During flashing(specifically flash0) things that require 75% battery. Not a bright idea. You can, but if you screw up, not my problem .

    How it works:
    1. scePowerGetBatteryPercent to always return 100 via jr ra->addiu $v0, $zero, 100
    2. scePowerIsLowBattery to always return 0 via jr ra->addu $v0, $zero, $zero
    3. scePowerIsBatteryExist to always return 1 via jr ra->addiu $v0, $zero, 0x0001


    Unloads itself, so it won't make your kernel memory all lame and sliced up


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    I better prefer to have my battery at real 100% before any potentially dangerous process.

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