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Thread: --ReLeAsEd--Mk Ultra v4

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    psp --ReLeAsEd--Mk Ultra v4

    >>>---MkUltra v4 Dc Emu Thread HERE---<<<

    There youll find all the info, of this cheat code manager. For the PsP.

    Well the cheat device MkUltra has been Updated now v4

    This is like NitePr but it has more nice functions.
    -(ur db must be 32kb not more)

    2-Copy the mkultra.prx to Ms0:/seplugins/
    3-Add a line in the game.txt.. >>ms0:/seplugins/mkultra.prx
    4-In game press Home Twice then + &- and ur in.
    ----***You find ur codes***----

    Yes go to Link Above FOr the App And The Info...--^^^^
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