News/release from Nick Swardh

PSPVC :: PSP Video Converter is a FREE video converter for PSP (Playstation Portable)
capable of converting almost any video-format into PSP compatible media!

PSPVC is easy to use and no custom firmware is required! Simply select a video and click "START", it´s that simple! Add your own subtitles and /or tweak the image into perfection. PSPVC is also equiped with a built-in video downloader, so you can download and convert videos from any of the supported sites with ease - or create your own download script in your favorite scripting language...

PSPVC is also equiped with PSPVC Server! that makes it possible to convert videos and access all your previously converted videos right from your PSP - anywhere, anytime!

PSPVC can also rip and convert audio from videos into AAC mp4 audio files. Maybe you´ve heard a cool tune in a video or just want to get the sound out of a music video? In any case, just check the "Kill Video" option and PSPVC will do the rest.

What´s new? -Fixed an FPS bug causing FFmpeg to fail
Fixed an audio bug causing a low pitch sound
Fixed a "Constant Quality" (CRF) bug
UAC check removed (if you need to use UAC: "Run as administrator")
Prevent splashscreen from taking focus when finalizing

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