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Thread: NEWB (Sorta) HELP: Not Reading GAME Folder

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    Default NEWB (Sorta) HELP: Not Reading GAME Folder

    I used to be pretty big into the whole psp homebrew scene, until i lost my battery a while ago. I just found it recently, and until yesterday, my CFW was 3.03oec.

    I then upgraded to 5.00m33-6 or whatever. After that, i downloaded the latest version of ultimatepsptube and it wasn't working properly, (For some reason it wouldn't conect to my home wifi, or any of the open ones in the surrounding area. Other than that it seemed to have no problems).

    I loaded some of the other homebrew I had like Crash Bandicoot (which worked perfectly), then NesterJ, PSPGenesis, PSPRevolution and Block Dude (None of which worked. They would show up under games, but would crash upon loading them.)

    Then I figured that it probably wasn't reading the games because in the older firmware i had, i had those games in the GAME150 folder. So i connected my psp to my computer, made the GAME150 folder, put everything in there, and crossed my fingers. This the the moment that everything goes wrong.

    I go to the XMB under games and it says: There are no Games. I thought no big deal, i'll just put everything back into the game folder. I did that and it still says no games. Then i take everything out except M33Update4, pan3xx and the Update folder, and still nothing. And at this point i notice, that the game doesn't recognize any of my save data either.

    I tried taking everything off and putting it back on, and still nothing. I even tried switching my kernel between 1.50 and 5.xx and still nothing.

    Can anyone please tell me what to do in this situation. I have a pandora battery if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    You need the 1.50 kernal add-on for your current CFW

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    I have that, but it's not showing up under the GAME folder.

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    I was having the same kinds of issues,you may need to format the memory stick (extreme right of xmb under 'system settings') before you can run the 1.50 patch.Don't forget to back everything up beforehand.
    Hope that helps!

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