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PSPixelUnlocker V0.1 By Mickael2054 [ENG]

PSPixelUnlocker is a coded lua used to wake up stuck pixels (not dead).


Start full-screen mode -> flashing the entire screen.
Start small-screen mode -> flashing a square of 5x5 pixels
Check pixels -> observation of defective pixels
-Credits -> credits
-Exit PSPixelUnlocker -> back to the XMB

Start full screen mode:
-Start -> break
-Select -> back to menu

Start small screen mode:
-Start -> break
-Select -> back to menu
-Analogue -> flashed moving part
Directional-Pad -> flashed part Ajustement

Check pixels:
-Start -> start flashing coordinates chosen
-Select -> back to menu
-Analogue -> moving the party to flasher
Directional-Pad -> Adjusting the flash
-L / R -> Change color

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